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Deep Sea Fishing: Deep Sea Fishing For Yellowtail

by Staff

One of the most popular fish targeted when deep sea fishing is Yellowtail. The California Yellowtail along with the Southern Yellowtail, which is its cousin, are Jack family members. Both are very tough customers for reel and rod.

Where To Find Them

The Yellowtail is to be found in central California and down south into the tropical waters. In fact, this fish have been a staple in the Pacific fishery for a lot of years already.

How To Fish

Just like with most other kinds of fish, you have a variety of ways to choose from in able to fish for yellowtail. A number of lures and baits would be needed such as squids, sardines, mackerels and the most preferred one, anchovy.

Jig Fishing Technique For Yellowtail

Jig fishing for this fish could be very fun and is considered to be very productive by most people. The Yo-Yo jig can be done by using a four to twelve ounce candy-bar type of jig. Once you have the jig, drop it to the bottom, which is usually not any deeper than 200 feet.When you feel that you already hit the bottom, try to lift your jig off of it for four to five feet. Repeat this several times, then being followed by a very fast retrieve all the way up to the surface.

It is important to remember that it doesn’t matter how fast you are cranking, since the yellowtail would always be much faster than you. Once you feel that you’re bit, then there’s no mistaking it. Once this happens, don’t set the hook and just continue reeling. Once you feel that your catch is already swimming away from you, then that’s the time that you should set the hook.

Jig fishing enables you to fish using a much heavier line than your bait. A 30 to 50 lb. test usually works pretty well. When yellowtails are feeding on the surface or near it, they would sometimes take surface iron.

Surface irons are jigs weighing 4 ounces or less. They are retrieved with a much slower speed than the other kinds of jigs. Using a live squid is the much preferred bait with this kind of jig. In fact, when yellowtails feed on squid, they have the tendency to ignore all the other baits.

Using A Fishing Squid

Using a fishing squid is quite simple. All you have to do is either tie the hook directly to the line or make use of a sliding sinker which is right on the bait. However, the size of the weight you’ll be using is usually dictated by factors and conditions like currents and depth.

Find the pointed end of the squid and place the hook once through it. However, take note that when fishing with squid, even small yellowtails are able to swallow it quickly. That is why you should not let them swim far before you decide to set the hook.

Using Anchovies

If you’ll be using anchovy, then you should either hook through its nose or behind its gill, specifically on its bony collar. They are weak swimmers, which is why you would want to make use of smaller line and hooks.

Using Sardines

When you’ll be using sardines, you can make use of the same rig. However, this time around, you should put your hook through the sardine’s nose or on its bottom, just behind its vent. Your bait would tend to swim deeper, if you hook it on its bottom.

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